Submitting Scores

How it works.
Each athlete will login to the score center using their email address that was used when signing up for the Lottery. Once you enter your email address you will be taken to this screen, where you will enter your score. Follow the prompts and examples for score entry. Be sure to read and follow the information on the entry box.
Every time a score is submitted a “receipt email”  will be sent out. This is a confirmation of score submission.
Scoring System
Powered by Redbelt Digital
The system will present the scores with a link to the video provided (in order to be eligible for cash prizes) with their workout.
Our system works on rank = points meaning 1st place = 1 point, 10th place = 10 points.
By moving the mouse or pointer over a score, the system will display a score comparison with the athlete’s score vs the athlete above and the first place
Only for Workout 4 you must submit a video to our online platform.
Video Submission Guidelines (Mandatory)
2. Utilize a smart phone or video recording device to capture your workout.
3. Follow all guidelines for beginning the workout
- EX. If the workout requires an unloaded barbell and weights to start, please present this at the beginning of the video by showing a close up of your weights and equipment.
4. The workout must be filmed in one continuous shot.
5. Please have a judge visible in the shot at all times, if a judge is not available please make sure the the clock is visible in the video.
6. Title your video  Workout (Number) – Your Name. Enter the workout and your time in the description.
7. Once you have successfully uploaded your video, follow the instruction for submitting a video link into our scoring system
For video submissions, anything in excess of 5 no-reps that are counted as good will put your video into official review and could result in video disqualification.
Steps for Entering Scores
1) Athlete visits the Score Center
2) Athlete types the email address used on the event registration form
3) Athlete follows the numbers on the right to fill out the form step by step
3.1) check that your name is written correctly
3.2) enter the name of the Box/Gym/Affiliate where the workout was performed
3.3) select the WOD to score
3.4) enter the WOD results
3.5) enter the link to the youtube/vimeo or similar where you uploaded the proof of workout
3.6) submit the score.
4) Athlete will receive an email with the submitted score, Check SPAM or Junk folders
5) Athlete can review the entered scores on that same score form at the bottom.
6) The scores will be published on the scoreboard every hour on the hour.
7) Have fun and workout HARD